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Featherweight strokes are created on the skin using a handheld microblading tool to imitate the look of real brow hairs. The individual strokes follow a precise pattern that blends seamlessly with your natural hair growth and creates your desired brow shape.


Microblading is the ideal treatment for those who want to add definition to their brows or fill in the gaps. Results are very natural-looking, regardless of the amount of brow hair present.

Powder Brows


Powder brows is a semi-permanent makeup treatment designed to create brows with a soft velvety effect. It’s great for oily skin, mature skin & those who have brow hairs but like to fill them in with makeup.

The treatment involves using a PMU machine to create a shading effect on your skin. The pigment can appear quite intense at first but it’ll gradually fade to the desired colour during the healing process.

Lip Blush


Perfect your pout with lip blush. Whether you’re looking for a subtle enhancement of color or to define and contour your shape, this is your to-go-to treatment. Plus, it stimulates collagen production to create the illusion of a fuller lip.

Lip blushing involves depositing pigment onto the lips using a mechanical needle. The wash of color is created by using a unique shading & pixelating technique.

HD Brows


HD Brows is the full monty of brow treatments - a bespoke brow MOT if you like! Enjoy a combination of hair removal and brow color treatments tailored to your skin type and brow goals.

Our experienced brow artists will help you create your perfect look with a combination of waxing, threading, tweezing & tinting. Tame bushy brows, regrow over-plucked brows & get the dream brows you desire.

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