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Who Should Not Get Powder Brows?

Powder brows, more commonly known as ombre brows or micro shading, are a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that gives your eyebrows a soft powdery effect. It is best for people who want to give their eyebrows a misty, brow-pencil appearance.

It is done with the help of semi-permanent makeup devices that involve the use of needles and pigment. Being a non-invasive procedure it is less painful than cosmetic surgery. It is also applicable to people of all skin types including those with oily skin.

What Are Powder Brows? What Does The Procedure Entail?

During the procedure, a trained and licensed artist deposits pigments into the superficial layer of the skin with the help of small needles using the dotting technique, or pixelation. The entire procedure takes no more than 2 hours.

This form of shading technique is beneficial for people with thin, sparse eyebrows or for those who have lost their eyebrows due to illness or an accident.

The Benefits Of Powder Brows

There are many benefits of getting powder brows over any other eyebrow procedure, such as:

  • Powder brows are long-lasting and relatively inexpensive.

  • The procedure is suitable for any skin type, unlike microblading, which is not suitable for oily skin.

  • Powder brows also offer more natural results that help make your eyebrows look darker and fuller without the use of any makeup.

  • No need for daily brow makeup, threading, or waxing which helps save time and money

Unfortunately, in some cases, individuals can be advised to avoid the procedure. They are many reasons why this could be the case. Let’s look at these reasons in more detail.

Who Should Not Get Powder Eyebrows?

People who have allergies to pigment and other chemicals or medication should avoid getting powder brows.

Individuals with weak immune systems who have difficulty healing, or suffer from some medical disease should also avoid opting for this procedure.

However, that’s not all. To ensure that you get the best results from your powder brow procedure it is important that none of the things mentioned below are applicable to you.

Otherwise, it is highly likely that it is not safe for you to get this treatment.

Here is the list of individuals who should avoid getting powder eyebrows at all costs:

  1. Individuals who are under 18 years of age cannot get semi-permanent makeup procedures even with parental consent

  2. Women who are nursing or are pregnant. As their bodies are undergoing hormonal changes, they might be at a higher risk of contracting an infection.

  3. For patients who have a pacemaker or any major cardiac problems. This is because epinephrine is used during the procedure which can cause harm.

  4. People who have weak immune systems, or have any kind of ongoing viral infections.

  5. Individuals with systemic lupus erythematosus that have compromised immunity

  6. A patient who has undergone an organ transplant

  7. Individuals with any kind of skin disease like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, etc. that compromises the texture of the skin

  8. People who are allergic to metal and pigment.

  9. People who are on the Accutane treatment. Accutane makes the skin dry and sensitive so you can’t get powder brows done until the treatment is completed and you have completely healed.

Those That Require A Doctor’s Clearance

  • People who are undergoing chemotherapy

  • Patients who are diabetic.

  • Individuals with thyroid conditions

  • Individuals with glaucoma

Those Permitted At Their Own Risk

  • For individuals who have pre-existing eyebrow tattoos or permanent makeup

  • Individuals who are allergic to lidocaine or epinephrine - anesthetic agents used during the procedure

  • Individuals with sun-damaged skin

Powder Brows Vs. Microblading

Both semi-permanent makeup procedures are more or less similar. They both involve the deposition of pigment into the epidermis of the skin. The differences lie in the techniques used.

Styling Technique

During microblading, an artist uses quick hand motions to make small insertions that resemble hair strokes that look natural and blend in with pre-existing hair.

On the other hand, during powder brows, a different technique is used whereby an artist makes hundreds of tiny dots in the skin into which pigment is inserted. This gives your brows a shaded look almost as if you have used mascara.

Incision Technique

In microblading, micro incisions are made manually using a handheld device that deposits pigment into the superficial layer of skin to create false hair strokes.

Powder brows are done with the help of a slightly different device with a different place that allows the pigment to be deposited in tiny dots in the superficial layer of skin.

Pain Level

Both procedures aren’t painful as a qualified artist will apply numbing cream throughout the procedure to ensure the client feels no pain.

However, microblading can be a little more uncomfortable than powder brows as incisions are made steadily by a blade heaved through the skin.

Recovery Period And Longevity

The recovery period for both procedures is the same. Your brows will take 4-5 weeks to heal completely.

In some cases, microblading can fade much faster than powder brows and as such requires more frequent touch-ups; every 6-12 months.

The fading process depends on age, skin type, and care. People with oily skin and who sweat a lot have a faster fading process.

Microblading can last for approx 1-2 years while powder brows last a bit longer approx 2-3 years on average.

Cost Of The Procedure

There is not much difference in terms of pricing. In the US both procedures cost on average $700. In Dubai and the rest of the UAE, the average cost for the procedure is around 1500 AUD which includes the cost of the first touch-up.

The cost could be much higher or lower depending on the location of the studio, and the experience and popularity of the artist in question.

Touch-ups are required more often with microblading and as such, it can prove slightly more expensive than powder brows.

How To Choose The Right Artist For You?

The most important step for getting any cosmetic procedure is to choose a skilled and experienced artist who understands the needs of the client. Any artist you select should be licensed, certified, and highly experienced with a flawless track record to prove it.

If you're looking for a reliable and licensed powder brows artist in the UAE, Brow industry in Al Barsha-South, Dubai, is where you should head. We specialize in all types of semi-permanent makeup procedures and have an exemplary track record. Book an appointment or call today to learn more.

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