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What Is The Difference Between Microblading And Powder Brows?

Updated: May 22, 2022

No vacation, party, or mealtime is complete without the perfect Instagram picture. And, can you hope to ever achieve the best look for yourself with uneven, patchy, or misshapen eyebrows. The answer is a simple no. So it is that many of us take the time out to create perfectly shaped brows day in and day out. But not everyone has that luxury.

But, it would be best if you wouldn't worry as modern cosmetic advancements have come up with two very simple solutions to your problem - Microblading and Powder Brows. If you're wondering what these cosmetic procedures entail, wonder no more.

Let's discuss the difference between these two highly result-oriented and cost-efficient cosmetic procedures in detail.

What Is Microblading?

Microblading is all the hype nowadays. And, it is, in truth, the perfect solution to sparse brows. Microblading is a semi-permanent technique where a microneedle is used to go deeper into the skin's upper layer, also known as the epidermis.

The pigments are implanted into the skin manually after the eyebrow artist has given your brows the shape you are truly satisfied with, and the organic, vegan pigments give you natural yet amazingly defined eyebrows.

It is a more invasive cosmetic procedure as the microneedle works on the epidermis rather than just the top of your skin.

What Is Powder Brows?

Powder brows are created with a Semi-Permanent Makeup Device (PMU) to deliver pigment to the skin. Powder brows are also known as 'Ombre brows.' But, you have to understand that the look of powder brows is more of powder makeup, hence, the name Powder brows.

In contrast to Microblading, Powder brows take less time to heal as it isn't implanted within the skin. And it is far less invasive than Microblading.

But, you can't say that there is absolutely no difference between the two procedures as Microblading and Powder Brows, in effect, manage to give beauty lovers the same result, so what are the variations between the two cosmetic approaches? Read on to find out.

What Are The Differences Between Microblading And Powder Brows?

While both procedures happen to be cosmetic and aimed to correct the shape of your brows, there are quite a few dissimilarities between Microblading and Powder Brows.

Here's a list of just some of the main distinctions that you will find between the Microblading and Ombre browse:

  • Heal Time

  • Skin Type Matters

  • Mode Of application

  • The Final Result

  • The Permanence Of The Procedure

So, let's look into the details of each of these issues.

Heal Time - As mentioned earlier, the healing time for Microblading is more than for Powder Brows. It takes seven days for the healing process to start with Microblading.

On the other hand, Powder Brows recovery happens in a matter of five days or less. The pigments are applied topically, so there is no question of healing per se.

Skin Type - Microblading is best for people with normal to dry skin. And it also depends upon your body's ability to heal. Moreover, if you have wrinkled skin, sun-damaged skin, or large pores, you might not be the best candidate for Microblading. Microblading has a look of 'hair strokes.' And, you get a more feathered appearance with Microblading, which is more in line with a 'natural look.'

If you have oilier skin, acne-prone skin, or even combination skin, many cosmetic artists advise you to go with Powder Brows.

Mode Of Application - Microblading is all about using a micro-fine needle, in short, teeny tiny needles, to dip into organic as well as vegan pigment and implanting the pigments into your epidermis bit by bit. You should know, however, that Microblading is a relatively painless procedure.

Powder brows use PMUs to deliver pigment directly to the top of the skin. There are no cuts and minimally piercing on the upper layer of the dermis. The treatment allows you to spot inject and get a stunning effect of shading in the end.

The Final Result - Many women who prefer to go with a more natural and authentic look opt for Microblading. On the flip side, many women choose to go for Powder Brows and also a natural look can be achieved as it is created in layers. More layers equals more definition so if a more natural look is required less layers will be done.

The Permanence Of The Procedure - Depending on your skin tone, skin type, and color selection, Microblading can last up to nine months. In recent years, with more technological advancements in the cosmetic field, Microblading can last from 18 - 30 months. You will need to complete both sessions of Microblading and have an annual touchup to maintain the real look of lush, beautiful brows.

Powder brows can last from twelve to eighteen months. A yearly touchup of your Powder brows will help you achieve the perfect Snapchat pic with your perfectly shaped brows every time.

Which Technique Is Right For You?

Eyebrows don't just frame our faces and accentuate our eyes; they create a balancing effect on all of our facial features. So, yes, having defined and voluminous eyebrows are essential for most people, irrespective of gender. And, you do have two excellent options between Microblading and Powder Brows.

But, some overly cautious beauty lovers have a tough time picking between the two cosmetic procedures. With the information provided, in terms of the time it takes to heal, the result you will achieve, and the mode of application, you should be somewhat at ease in making the right choice for yourself.

However, at Brow Industry, Al Barsha South in Dubai, you will be able to find out which treatment best suits not just your skin but your budget as well. The brow artists at Brow Industry are professionals who have mastery over shaping brows to fit any facial structure. And when it comes to Microblading, you will find that Brow Industry is one of the pioneers in the cosmetic field in Dubai.

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