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What Celebrities Have Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Updated: May 22, 2022

We feel more confident knowing that our lips are perfectly done or the eyeliner is perfectly lined on our lids. Not having to look at the mirror every now and then to make sure everything is alright would also feel like a blessing.

Several celebrities have undergone the knife to enhance their physical features and attributes. Many still have preferred more subtle semi-permanent makeup procedures to make them look flawless day in and day out!

List Of Popular Celebrities That Have Opted For Semi-Permanent Makeup

Angelina Jolie

The actress does not require an introduction, her career speaks for itself. her obsession with her look is also not hidden from the world from going on fad diets and losing weight tremendously to donning extremely expensive outfits one red carpet after another she is not the one to shy away.

She likes to be in control and to ensure that she looks presentable all the time. Maybe that is why she opted for semi-permanent makeup. Her on-point eyebrows are a result of this decision. No wonder she is always camera-ready even when stepping out to run errands because she knows the paparazzi never leaves her alone.

Serena Williams

The tennis star has a special place in the hearts of the public as she is a woman of talent. However, the reason she has made this list is not related to her sports, her name is here because Williams is also one of the celebrities who believe in getting artificially what they don’t have naturally.

Her fake eyebrows are foxy and fuller. There is no denying that her brow game has become strong and it has accentuated her overall appearance so much. Her eyebrows may be artificial but they complement her personality so well that it doesn’t appear unnatural at all.

Mila Kunis

This beauty clearly thought that pencil-drawn brows are a thing of the past and opted for a more futuristic option. Kunis didn’t resist and got her eyebrows trendy and bushy through PMU.

Her appearance became vibrant and super chic when she said yes to the popular treatment for her brows.

Demi Lovato

Singer-songwriter Demi Lovato told the world that she has chosen PMU brows by posting the picture on her Instagram. Talk about owning the decisions you make!

The Grammy-nominated singer used her holidays quite well we can tell. It is over the holidays that she said goodbye to regular brow waxing and threading sessions. She got her brows done through semi-permanent makeup and she rocks it with full grace.

Lena Dunham

You may know this lady as a star, actress, producer, creator, writer, director, Emmy award nominee, and the owner of two Golden Globe awards. But here she is mentioned for a different reason (not that we mind bragging about her limitless talent).

She is one of the celebrities who chose to get their brows done through newer techniques. She not only did it but she also documented the entire process for her followers.

She said she was done with the tweezer and lip or eyeliner doing her eyebrows so she decided to put an end to her 20 years of brow saga. Now, she looks super gorgeous and her brows are always in perfect shape.

Tori Spelling

If you have been here in the 90s and you have been a television fan, you must have seen Tori Spelling on the screen performing her magic. She was known to rock her over-plucked tadpole brows but this isn’t the ’90s anymore.

She opted for microblading to thicken her eyebrows and get some more volume. She did it subtly but later she also added shading to her brows for the effect.

Why Is It So Common?

Looking around you can notice several popular faces staring back at you from screens or fashion pages sporting semi-permanent makeup. The reason is simple. PMU techniques have become much more refined over the years. They now provide long-lasting enhancement for the features you would like to tweak about yourself.

The procedure has become so much kinder to the skin as compared to the previous methods. More and more people are getting it done comfortably because the chances of getting it wrong have significantly reduced.

Also, a wider selection of pigment colors is available now which was not possible a few years ago. This enables technicians to create looks that appear natural. Semi-permanent makeup takes away the worries of smudging, fading, and touch-ups which makes it a perfect solution for active, sporty, and busy women.

From lips to eyeliner and lashes to brows to sun and beauty spots you can get all of it done through semi-permanent makeup. The best thing about this technique; it is semi-permanent meaning it doesn’t have to last a lifetime. Whenever you feel like you are done looking at your face appearing a certain way, you can go and tweak your features a bit or maybe get back to looking like you were before any procedure.

Is Semi-Permanent Makeup Right For You?

Semi-permanent makeup procedures such as microblading, powder brows, eyelash enhancements, and much more are now safer and more accessible than ever before. However, you should always rely on experienced technicians for any procedure no matter how small it may seem. There is a reason certain certifications and licenses are required before beauticians are allowed to perform such procedures.

Your face is the introduction to yourself and your personality and you don’t want to mess it up. So don’t try to cut corners by saving a few dollars or opting for lesser-known places just for the sake of convenience.

Finding The Right Makeup Artist Near Me

If what you have read so far has piqued your interest and you would like to book an appointment or learn more about semi-permanent makeup, Brow Industry in Al Barsha South Dubai can help you with their expertise.

Brow Industry specializes in permanent makeup (PMU) services using the latest techniques and procedures to get the results you have always dreamt of!

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