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What Are the Basic Rules of Powder Brows Aftercare?

Updated: May 22, 2022

Deciding to get a powder brows treatment can be perplexing and confusing. But what’s even more confusing is the aftercare procedures for powder brows. After all, aftercare is crucial for the effectiveness of the treatment.

So, without further ado! Here are some basic rules for powder brows aftercare:

  • You should not touch, scratch, or rub your powder brows

  • You should not apply makeup or cosmetics to the treated region

  • You should not pick any protrusions or scabs in the eyebrow region

  • You should not sleep on your face

  • Avoid strenuous tasks and activities which cause sweating

  • Protect your brows from dirt, dust, and other elements

  • No saunas, swimming pools, or long hot water showers

  • Avoid going out in sun for long durations

  • No other facial treatments until the powder brows are healed.

Although these rules are very strict, they are important to get successful results from your treatment.

Down below is a more detailed guide about the powder brows treatment and its aftercare.

What Are Powder Brows?

One of the most popular semi-permanent makeup treatments is powder brows. In this treatment, the beauty technician uses a pen-like tool to insert ink/pigment into the skin surface of your eyebrows.

The procedure is performed using a dotting technique instead of slashes and slits that are used in Microblading treatment. This gives your brows a powdered and misty look.

Once you have had your powder brows treatment you are supposed to go for a touch-up appointment as well. This is to ensure that your powder brows have the best possible results.

This appointment is usually after 6 weeks of the initial procedures once your brows have healed.

How Long Does Powder Brows Aftercare Last?

The healing period of powder brows is around 4-6 weeks long depending on your skin type. But the aftercare routine does not need to last that long.

The most crucial phase is the first 10 days after your treatment. You need to be extra careful when the powder brows are fresh. Later on, you can have a more relaxed and eased care routine.

Types of Powder Brows Aftercare

The type of aftercare you need to do will depend on the beauty clinic you have consulted with. Some beauty experts say that you should treat your brows with an ointment to help them heal faster. While some say that there is no need to apply any creams or ointments on your powder brows.

These two ways are called wet healing and dry healing.

The difference is that the former uses an ointment after washing the brows while the latter doesn’t.

The wet healing routine will require you to wash your brows with sterile water. Then pat dry them with a cloth or cotton pad. And finally, apply the ointment.

The dry healing routine has 2 versions. The first one will require you to wash your brows and then let them dry.

The second version has no washing at all and no ointments. It requires you to stay away from water and wait for your eyebrows to heal naturally.

Oily Skin Powder Brows Aftercare

Powder brows treatment is successful for all types of skin, especially for oily skin.

Microblading procedure, an alternative to powder brows is not effective for oily skin.

So people with oily skin who are getting powder brows are recommended to go for dry healing because there is no need for additional moisturizing.

Freshly done powder brows should be kept dry and only due to extreme itchiness you can use small amounts of ointments.

It is important to keep in mind that everyone’s skin is different therefore powder brows aftercare will be different for everyone.

How Do I Clean My Powder brows?

The best way to clean your powder brows is to use a damp cotton pad. You can pat the eyebrow region to remove extra lymph. Then dry it gently, with a clean tissue.

If you are recommended for wet healing you will be advised to use an aftercare ointment. You should only apply a thin layer of the prescribed ointment.

You might also need to adapt your skincare routine because some skincare products have ingredients that can damage the results of your powder brows.

When Can I Wash My Eyebrows After Powder Brows Treatment?

You will be required to keep your powder brows from getting wet for the first few days after the treatment. You will need to keep them from getting exposed to water because it can damage the pigmentation. However, you can still clean the brow region.

You will need to keep the brows dry for at least 2-3 hours after the initial treatment and then gently wipe them with a damp cotton pad. You will need to repeat this step 2-3 times to remove extra lymph pigment.

After the first day, you can wash your brows but very gently, without rubbing.

How Long After the Powder Brows Treatment Can I Wash My Face?

If your artists allow, you can wash your face the very same day you get your treatment but you will need to be very gentle.

You should avoid the eyebrow region, so the recommended way is to use a cotton pad to clean your face. This way you can avoid getting your brows wet.

And after 10 days you can wash your face normally.

Am I Allowed to Shower After the Appointment?

Yes, you can take a shower but you will need to keep it short. Because steam and vapor can damage your powder brows. Try to keep the shower duration under 5 minutes with warm water not hot.

You can also use protective patches that can keep your powder brows from getting wet. You can ask your makeup artist about them.

How Do I Maintain My Powder Brows Once They Are Healed?

Powder brows are a semi-permanent makeup technique, so it is supposed to fade after a certain time.

But with regular touch-ups, you can increase the longevity of powder brows. You can decide on a schedule with your makeup artist to keep your brows looking fresh. If you do it regularly, your powder brows can last up to 4 years.

Some people might notice that their powder brows fade faster than other people’s. That is perfectly normal. The speed of fading depends on your skin type, lifestyle, and your overall system.

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In conclusion, the powder brows aftercare instructions given here are important for lasting results, and you should follow them as closely as possible.

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