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Is Phi Brows The Same As Microblading?

Every woman wants to look beautiful and classy, all the time. That is no easy feat. It takes hours for women to dress up and do up their makeup and hair.

For most of us though, the most time spent on makeup is around the eyes. After all, eyes are considered the most attractive part of the face and as such they need to stand out.

What helps your eyes stand out? Your eyebrows of course! Eyebrows that are well-shaped, thick, and have definition make our facial features stand out and accentuate our eyes.

This is why so much attention has been given to eyebrow care in the beauty industry.

Having perfectly shaped and dark full brows is a dream for many women. Fortunately, in the past few decades’ developments in semi-permanent makeup procedures have made it possible for all women to have thicker fuller eyebrows without having to undergo cosmetic surgery.

One of the most popular of these semi-permanet beauty treatments is phi brows and microblading. This procedure allows you to alter the shape, color, and depth of your brows as well as give them a natural, darker, and fuller look.

What Are Phi Brows?

Phi brows is the latest and the most sought-after brow beauty treatment today. Many experts consider phi brows as a variation of microblading. It is a more refined technique that ticks all the boxes when it comes to designing long-lasting perfectly shaped brows.

Phi brows are ideal for people who have a hard time dealing with bald and patchy brows.

Those that have asymmetrical, or no eyebrows at all, can also greatly benefit from this treatment.

Phi brows is a manual semi-permanent makeup technique that results in extremely realistic looking brows. The shape and size of the eyebrows are calculated using facial morphology and golden proportion that result in perfectly symmetrical brows.

During the procedure hyper-realistic hair strokes are drawn manually in a manner that follows in the direction of one’s natural eyebrow hair.

The pigment is artfully drawn in with a specialized phi brow 18U blade to draw thin hair strokes on the eyebrow skin. Pigment that matches your natural eyebrow color is then injected (just below the superficial layers of the skin) for long lasting results.

The Differences Between Phi brows And Microblading

The training and certification required to perform a phi brow procedure is a lot harder than that for microblading. Typically a microblading training course last about two days.

Whereas, a Phi brow training and certification course last for about six months with 11 levels that need to be cleared before you are considered qualified.

This is because Phi brows are a lot more technical to pull off. Even though the results are superior to that of microblading the procedure involves understanding pre-drawn eyebrow designs, hair stroke patterns, hair stroke direction and hair stroke thickness.

The pre-drawn stage is the most important part of Phi brows and can make or break the procedure before it even begins. That is why this stage is dependent upon using technology to get the perfect proportions when drawing out the brows.

When it comes to microblading, the artist has to rely on their eyes and sense of shape and symmetry to try and achieve that perfect look.

The Phi brow technique can be used on any skin type. It gives much better results even on oily skin which is something that you don’t get with microblading.

Phi brow artists use a revolutionary new pigment formula that uses a blend of iron oxide and synthetic pigments. The greatest benefit of this pigment is that it doesn’t loose its color and lasts a lot longer on the skin as compared to the pigment used in microblading.

Phi Brow Equipment, Tools, & After Care Products

Microblading needles can be found online on many websites. These tools aren’t regulated and as such do not guarantee sterility or quality.

The tool used for Phi brows, however, is a specially engineered 18U blade that are some of the best blade in the world for drawing realistic and natural looking hair strokes.

Phi brow artist also provide their own aftercare products. These products are specifically engineered to quicken the healing process and reduce scabbing and itching.

On the other hand, you can apply all types of moisturizers and gels after a microblading procedure with no real product that helps more than the other.

How Do Phi Brows Achieve Perfectly Symmetrical Brows?

The phi brow technique, utilizes the Golden ratio method to determine the correct proportions of ones eyebrows, accurate to the dot.

Using an application, the artist scans your face and process it in a eyebrow mapping tool.

The application then provides the golden ratio that determines the perfect brow shape based on the person's facial features and bone structure.

The Phi Compass is used to measure the unique bone structure of a person and their proportions to decide which brow look will appear the most natural while helping accentuate the persons’ existing facial features.

The accuracy and precision of the shape achieved in unmatched as compared to other semi-permanent makeup techniques.

Are Phi Brows A Worthwhile Investment?

The mind blowing phi brow technique gives your eyebrows a hyper-realistic perfectly symmetrical look that can last up to 2 years without needing any touch-ups at all!

Unlike microblading that requires touchups at least twice a year with Phi brows its one and done!

Once you have gotten the treatment, you no longer have to spend your precious hours sitting in front of the mirror or go back to the studio every few months for touch ups as the color of your brows begin to fade.

The procedure is safe and less painful as compared to other cosmetic procedures. Once the healing period is completed one can enjoy natural-looking, perfectly shaped eyebrows.

How Long Do Phi brows Last?

The longevity of phi brows depend on a person’s skin type, age, complexion, and aftercare regiment. On average, the pigment will generally begin to fade off after 15-18 months.

If you want it to last longer then you must religiously follow the guidelines of the artist. Some of these guidelines include:

  • Protecting your skin from direct sun exposure.

  • Applying cream and moisturizers given to you by your artist in a timely manner.

  • Avoid the use of makeup over the eyebrows.

  • Drink plenty of water and keep a healthy diet.

  • Avoid smoking and excessive drinking.

The Hunt For An Expert Phi brow Artist In Dubai?

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when opting for any semi-permanent makeup treatment is to find an authentic and trustworthy artist or studio that is certified, trained, and highly experienced.

Semi-permanent makeup can last for a long time, and as it involves your face there should be zero negligence on your part.

For such a new and revolutionary procedure you need only the best of the best. At Brow Industry, located at Al Barsha South, Dubai, you get the very best semi-permanent makeup artists to transform your face in a manner that makes you look younger and more beautiful!

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