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How Long Does Lip Blushing Last?

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

This is because we all want to appear good-looking. For most of us though, the main focus is always on our lips as they are the most prominent feature on the face.

Having great thick lips shaped perfectly is a dream that many of us chase. Luckily, in the past few decades advancements in semi-permanent makeup procedures have made it possible for all of us to have lips the way we have always wanted.

One of the most popular of these beauty treatments is a semi-permanent makeup procedure called ‘lip blushing.’

This treatment allows you to alter the way your lips look; shape, size, and colour can all be customized to suit your needs and wants. In other words, what you don’t have naturally, you can get through lip blushing.

How Does It work?

Many beauty and fashion enthusiasts favour the treatment as it is painless, uses organic pigment, and isn’t permanent.

Lip blushing is unlike cosmetic procedures as it does not add volume but rather gives the illusion of fuller lips by adding colour along your lip line. This results in more natural-looking results as compared to lips fillers that involve gel being injected into your lips.

Dots of pigment that are almost undetectable are used to line and shade your lips. This method is called pixelating and means you can enhance the shade of your lips and get a more pronounced shape without it looking artificial.

How Much Does It Cost?

Fashion and beauty trends can be costly because let’s face it the cosmetic industry is expensive. Or in other words, looking good doesn’t come cheap.

Almost all beauty treatments used to enhance your facial features, hair, or skill appearance cost a lot of money.

You may get lower price quotes from inexperienced semi-permanent artists, but never be willing to take that risk. When you get a beauty treatment done, consider this a rule of thumb not to trust anyone who offers you a deal far from what others are offering in the market. That’s a trap right there, so try and steer clear of it.

The average cost of lip blushing is around 1800 AED. This may sound like a lot but it’s totally worth it if great-looking lips are what you want!

How Long Does Lip Blushing Last?

One thing that you need to be clear about is that no semi-permanent makeup is going to last forever. You will require to have touch-ups and sessions with your aesthetician or artist at different time intervals.

If we talk about lip blushing in particular, the average period it lasts for is around one to two years. This duration is not true for every case; sometimes, it can last for more than 2 years, whereas in some cases it can last for a few months.

How long does lip blushing last depends on various factors. So, let's take a look at some of the most common.

Factors Affecting The Lifespan Of Lip Blushing

Beauty treatments are delicate procedures, and they require specific aftercare. In several treatments, aftercare determines the life expectancy of the treatment. However, it is not the only thing to factor in.

When it comes to lip blushing, lifestyle and unique bodily properties are also determining factors, along with aftercare routines.


Your lifestyle defines who you are! That is why one always needs to be mindful of the way they lead their lives as it can have consequences later on.

If you are someone who enjoys water sports and sunbathing, your lip blushing procedure may not last as long as you would like.

Women who love to work out or tend to sweat a lot may have to get regular touch-ups to extend the life of their lip blush.

If your work requires exposure to sunlight, colour may start to fade away earlier than you might have expected.

You have to dig in deep and research before going for such beauty trends to ensure you are not wasting your time and money.

Body Properties

No aesthetician or PMU artist can tell you how effective and for how long any beauty treatment is going to last on your face.

Every individual body has a unique system that deals with semi-permanent makeup (PMU) differently. Sometimes it is predictable, and sometimes it is not.

For some of us, our body is quick to respond to foreign matters. While for others, the body may react totally differently, tolerating the pigment for longer periods.

Regeneration of skin is also an essential factor because the faster it regenerates, the quicker the lip blushing will fade and vice versa.

The type of skin is also a determining factor when it comes to the age of any beauty treatment. Normal, dry, and combination skin types are ideal for retaining the pigment compared to oily skin.

Oily skin pushes the pigment out early due to the overproduction of sebum. That doesn’t mean that people with oily skin types should not get PMU done on their face; it’s just that they should be prepared to get frequent touch-ups, more than other skin types.

Why You Should Be Careful When Choosing A PMU Artist?

Semi-permanent makeup is no joke! It may not be forever, but it still lasts for a pretty long time, and most of all, it involves your face - which is your identity. There should be absolutely no risks, zero-nada!

The life expectancy of lip blushing depends a lot upon how the procedure is performed. If you have gotten it done from an experienced artist who has been careful during the process and your body accepts it, lip blushing will not fade away before the average life expectancy.

If you are seeking a semi-permanent makeup artist or studio in Dubai that specialises in microblading, lip blushing, and microneedling look no further than Brow Industry.

Our trained, certified, licensed and experienced artists are renowned all across UAE and if you are seeking a bit of expert advice, this is the place to visit!

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