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Post Care for Semi Permanent Makeup Brows

Please follow these tips after your semi permanent brows treatment to promote healing & optimize results...​

Following your treatment:

  • Pat brow area with a dry paper towel every 5 minutes for 1 hour

  • Clean the area with a damp cotton pad every hour until you go to bed 

  • Apply a rice grain amount of cream morning & night for 7 days

General after care instructions for the following 14 days:

  • Avoid getting the brow area wet / soggy

  • Avoid increased sweating through exercise / sports & swimming

  • Do not undergo any laser or chemical treatments / peels

  • Do not rub, pick or scratch the treated area

  • Let any scabbing or dry skin exfoliate naturally

  • Avoid direct sun exposure & tanning beds

  • Avoid pools, saunas, steam rooms & hot baths / showers

  • Avoid using AHA’s, Retin-A & Hydrocortisone

  • Avoid drinking alcohol in excess as it can slow down the healing process

If you have any questions about Post Care for semi permanent makeup brows, please get in touch.

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