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Lip Blushing Dubai

The Brow Industry

The Dream of Luscious Lips

Lip blushing is a popular semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that has taken Dubai by storm. What is the Lip Blush procedure, exactly? It's a cosmetic lip treatment that accentuates the natural elegance of the natural lip colour while also adding definition, volume, and contour (natural lip shape). Imagine not having to use lipsticks to balance out your tone or symmetry on a regular basis. With semi-permanent makeup like lip blush treatment, you may finally have the lips of your dreams! The colouring of our lips fades as we get older. Lip blush gives the lips natural colour, and natural shape, making them look larger and younger. Even existing scars or irregularities caused by scarring or pigmentation loss can be corrected with this technique.

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Best Lip Blush in Dubai

This method is a terrific way to get a more symmetrical look if you have uneven or thin lips, or if you have lost colour, especially at the outside border of your lips (Vermillion border) related to age. For a seamless effect, our team at The Brow Industry, can add colour to your lips to enhance and balance out the tone of their natural hue. It's a terrific alternative to buying various cosmetic products that dry out your lips and don't last as long as they claim.

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What to Expect Lip Tinting Semi-Permanent Makeup


It will take about 3 hours to complete the appointment from start to finish.


After the initial appointment, there is a chance you will need a follow-up appointment or touch up. There are a few factors that will determine if this is needed, including your skin type. Your semi- permanent makeup artist will review this during your treatment. 

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Soundoss, H

I really recommend anyone who wants to have their eyebrows done to do it at Brow Industry! I have had such an amazing experience there! My eyebrows look natural and just perfect! Rose knows exactly what she’s doing and what people want. The aftercare is very simple to follow as well as the follow up!

Some of Our Happy Clients

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Had the opportunity to meet an amazing professional, really passionate and knowledgeable. She did an amazing job as I have stunning brows now. Highly recommended

Permanent Makeup Dubai Fans.png

Milena, K

Had my eyebrows done about 3 months ago, so happy with the results. Sian took the time to explain the procedure, consult on my desired look, and explained aftercare in detail. Absolutely fantastic results. The eyebrows look very natural and healed beautifully. Went in for my touch-up, exactly the same amazing experience.

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The Procedure

Depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve, the lip blush technique can take anywhere from two to three hours. The process begins with numbing, followed by mapping to ensure that the symmetry is correct. As we construct and polish your form, you get to be a full participant in the process. Your lips will most likely be puffy after the procedure.

One week before your visit, be sure to drink lots of water and utilise lip scrubs. Icing can assist with swelling, but be sure to place a layer between your lips and the ice source to keep it from adhering. Your lips will start to recover over the following five days , which means they may peel, so be sure to arrange this around your schedule, don't pick, and trust the process!

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Day 1

Following your procedure, your skin will gradually begin to leak lymph fluid. This is a common approach for our bodies to repair themselves! Every 30 minutes, clean your lips using wipes. As a result, there is less scabbing. It is critical to moisturise with the ointment I offer before going to bed.

Day 2

It's probable that your lips are still a little puffy, giving the illusion that you're wearing lipstick today. It's natural to have chapped lips. We recommend moisturising 5-6 times a day with A&D, or the balms recommended by your artist.

Day 3-7

Continue moisturising as needed! If your lips get a bit dry in between applications, that's alright. Some mild flaking and peeling is to be expected. IMPORTANT! Picking or rubbing dry skin is not advised! It is required to shed on its own. The pigment will come off with the skin if you pluck or peel it, resulting in erratic results. It will have a pale colour till it sheds.

1 Month

You'll be able to see the actual therapeutic effects of your session in 4-6 weeks. You'll notice a few colour adjustments during the month. Patience is required during the healing process.

After The Lip Blush Treatment Dubai

  • Does Lip Blush Hurt? Is the Treatment Painful?
    To make the Lip Blush treatment as comfortable as possible for our customers, a topical anaesthetic cream (numbing cream) is administered throughout. The method entails the employment of a high-tech digital pen-like gadget that contains very micro-based needles. It reaches the dermis just beneath the epidermis layer, which is the topmost layer. With this level of care, we want to ensure you have a fantastic experience
  • How Long Does a Lip Blush Last?
    The effects of lip liner treatments last a long time. Semi-permanent makeup Lip liner can last up to three years, providing you with two to three years of easy daily beauty, a fuller pout, and stunning natural lip color.
  • How Do I Book an Appointment Time With a Beauty Expert?
    If you're wondering if this is the ideal treatment for you, or want to check out our beauty salon, and learn why we're the best spot for Natural Tint semi-permanent makeup for lips in the Middle East, click this link to go directly to our booking page to get started.
  • Lip Blushing Near Me
    Are you looking for Lip Blushing in Dubai? With this semi-permanent makeup treatment, being an expert Permanent Lip Blush professional, I can help you highlight your elegance. Book your consultation today!


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